Let’s Travel, Period.

Let’s Travel, Period.

Tips on how to make the most of your trip while on your periods. 

Travelling while having Periods? Still, makes you feel uneasy? So here are some tips for you to enjoy your future travels EVEN ON PERIODS:

Plan In Advance

Knowing your trip dates and activities in advance can help you plan what & how much to carry accordingly.

GOB Tip: Carry and use tampons or menstrual cup (whatever you are comfortable with) if you are planning water activities. Carry bio-degradable pads and disposable bags if camping or trekking. (Please don’t dispose of your used tampons/ pads in nature)

Make Your Kit

There are a lot of options these days (Pads, tampons. menstrual cup, period underwear, panty liners). So chose one that’s most comfortable to you or you can always mix match according to your flow and comfort. Don’t forget to always carry a spare. Keep the necessary medication if required. Or consult your doctor for medications. Also, keep soap, tissues and a sanitizer.

GOB Suggestion: Always use bio-degradable or eco-friendly options especially while travelling. It’s like throwing a plastic bottle after using. Let’s try and leave places in better condition than before we arrived. 

Ever wondered how to use a menstrual cup, well I found this video really helpful when I wanted to know:

Hygiene Products To Keep

While trekking, long road trips or campings where access to water is less maintaining hygiene is quite essential. Keep a liquid hand wash, a sanitizer and dry tissue roll (Try not to keep disinfectant wipes for treks or camping as they are not 100% biodegradable. They have microplastic particles). If there are no washrooms keep a small towel/ cloth dip it in water to clean your intimate parts. You can seal it in a zip-top pouch and wash later. Use sanitizer before and after changing your pad if lack of water availability. If you are using a menstrual cup you can rinse it in warm water and clean it with tissue (or use wipes if there is no water).

GOB Special Tip- Keep your nails clean and short to maintain hygiene while travelling.

Stay Active

Maybe on your vacation, all you wanna do is relax, and sit quietly and enjoy the day. But if you are on your period it’s a good idea to get do a little bit of exercise- take a walk on the beach, or try some yoga. Here are a few poses that might also help you ease your menstrual pain:

Try Hot showers, SPA or Heating Pad

What better way to relax your body and mind with a good spa and massage? This helps in relaxing the muscles and reducing the discomfort. Few minutes in the Sauna helps in water-retention bloating. If you don’t have access to a sauna or SPA take a warm water bath or ginger and black pepper tea. And for women who love travelling to remote places, road trips or on a trek/ camping keep a hot water bottle(or heating pad). You can also keep these small cramp relief roll-ons by Pee Safe.

Keep yourself hydrated!

The best way to enjoy your vacation is to have a soothing drink while watching the sunset over the beach or hills. Try coconut water or ginger and black pepper tea (Ginger tea is easily available in India in every place). If travelling abroad you can also keep staches of green tea.

Should I carry medicines?

Sometimes while travelling periods may give rise to medical conditions. Pain killers are a must to add in your kit. You can also try natural anti-inflammatory chamomile tea. Heating pads can come handy while travelling by Air. They also help in relieving pain in abdominal/ back pain. 

Research Product Options Before You Travel Abroad

Many countries like Europe and Australia you may find tampons but no applicators. In Asia, you might not find tampons easily. You can ask for tampons at a pharmacy/ medical store.

Comfortable Clothing

Keep your clothing as comfortable as possible while travelling on your period. Lose tops and pants or a maxi attire are perfect for travel on your chum days. This will help you keep your movement easy. 

Travelling long and across time zones?

If this is the case your cycle might go on haywire. Ask a doctor and keep pills to regulate your cycle. If you feel discomfort on a long train or flight journey, it’s good to take a walk. This will help you to keep the blood flowing.

Disposal, How & Where?

Last but the most important. Carry a disposal kit separately, especially if you’re on a trek or camping in nature. DON’T dispose of/ throw your (plastic) pads after using them. Pack them in a paper bag/ disposal bag then seal it in a Zip-Top pouch and then pack it in a garbage bag (same goes for tampons). You can also use Pee-Safe 100% biodegradable pads they come with a disposable paper bag. 

GOB Tip: Use a teabag to keep the odour at bay while packing the used pad or tampon. 

GOB Special Tip: Nobody knows your body better than you. Plan well in advance to avoid any emergencies. You are not restricted to travel during periods so take adequate measures for a hassle-free period travel. 

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