“I like my coffee strong with a teaspoon of sugar, besides the window looking outside as a million stories unfold from around the world.”

Hi! I’m Vriti, a Creative Strategist by profession, a passionate traveller and a RE lover. Since childhood seeking a good adventure has always made me jump with a smile that touches my ear. My parents loved taking vacations and exploring around.  Slowly, even I started developing an interest in travelling and bikes. 

The best things about bikes are that as soon as you ignite the engine the adrenaline pumps in your soul! And the feeling is so addictive. As soon as the wind starts tickling your ears, hair & the nape of your neck you know that now there is no looking back, only the adventures of the road ahead!

I have been travelling since I don’t know when. I started my travels with my family! (Yes, I do consider family trips as travelling and exploring cause those are some of the best travels you make in your life). So this blog is about my travel and food exploring journey. It’s like my extended travel adventure diary for all you people out there.

To know more, you have to read my blog post. What are you looking at? Read it ASAP and tell me if you like it or not?