8 Reasons Why Women Should Ride

Nandi Hills

“Why should boys have all the fun?”
Ain’t that true girls? Tell me haven’t you ever imagined yourself riding a bike and how cool that would be?

When a fancy sports car glides by it pulls all the eyeballs towards it, but one that can steal its thunder any day is a girl revving on a bike. It’s not only cool but also liberating and boosts your self-confidence. You might ask me, what else there is to it?

Enhance’s your brainpower

Riding requires some serious concentration. One needs to steal a march on anticipating dangers, braking distance, speed, navigation, avoiding other vehicles and obstacles. Looking out for everything and the ability to make quick decisions helps improves the cognitive functioning of the brain. One needs to be alert all the time when on the road.


You enter like a boss everywhere!

Giving people something different to look at once the helmet is off is quite a sight. All the eyes are upon you and you get to make a statement “you can’t mess with me!”


Sets you free!

We all need a little me time, especially, after the COVID lockdown situation. Riding helps you break free from your daily routine and negativity.
It will give you some alone time too. It enthrals you to the core and fills you up with satisfaction. Once you start controlling a strong and powerful machine it will gear you up with pride, joy and a sense of freedom like never before.
Scientific studies show that our brain releases the “feel good” hormone endorphin when we ride and a boost of this chemical in our body improves mental health too. It’s a better high than smoking pot, exercising or eating your favourite dish.


Improves your physical fitness & burns calories.

Yes, biking can burn extra calories and improves your physical fitness through strengthening your core muscles, especially your abdomen and back.
Balancing a bike in against the obstacles on-road and battling the weather conditions keeps the muscles active and makes them more durable. All these efforts and especially when riding on uneven terrain burns a large number of calories. One can easily burn up to 150 calories in an hour. An enjoyable activity that not only helps your burn calories with minimum effort but also improves your posture and overall body stability.
Riding over time also helps you strengthen your leg muscles. You are constantly using your knees and thighs not only to manage the brakes and gears but also keeping your body balanced.
Motorcycle riding also helps strengthen your bones just like weight and resistance training. It sends vibrations through your skeleton, from the engine and the movement of the bike on different road conditions. This vibration is beneficial for every rider but especially for women since we start to lose bone density in our late 30s.


You can any day do a dramatic hair flip!

Well, I think you can do the “dramatic hair flip” at any time. But, imagine doing it after getting off the bike!                                           Girl, you will be grabbing not only every guy’s attention but all the human race will be popping their eyes at you 😉


Helps conquer fear.

We are all afraid of falling and failing. This comes at every turning point in our life.                                                                     Especially when you are new to riding- the concern of falling off and injuring yourself especially for a female rider.
Fear holds us back and makes us his slave.
Riding each turn successfully helps you conquer your fears not just on road but also in your life.
With a little bit of practice, you will soon make all your fears vanish into thin air. The will and love for riding opens your mind towards a positive aspect of life. Each time you fall, you will get up and try again. Whether it’s manoeuvring the bike or grabbing the brakes during an emergency, you do them with proper technique and without fear over time. Each step of improvement will bring more confidence and calmness in you.


Why should men have all the fun?

Honestly, this is my favourite line!
There are women out there who get turned on by the revving sound of an RE, women who love to shuffling those gears or those whose veins run with adrenaline rush while speeding. Then why should it be restricted to men?

Motorcycling is a form of therapy. It changes the way you look at life, helping you resolve problems from a different perspective.     Each ride you take opens the door to new roads and you end up finding extraordinary serenity.
And if motorcycling can improve both our mental and physical health, we owe it to ourselves to give it a try.



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