Things to keep in mind for Leh Ladakh

Things to keep in mind for Leh Ladakh

Things to keep in mind while planning your trip to Leh-Ladakh:

  1. Keep the first day as a rest day. (probably sleep all day.) AMS can hit even the fittest of people. Your body needs time for acclimatization.
  2. Keep a water bottle handy. Keep yourself hydrated, since our bodies are not used to such high altitudes where oxygen levels are lesser water helps maintain the oxygen levels in the body.
  3. Don’t drink alcohol, take tobacco or any other kinds of drugs. Thinking that drug use has never caused me problems it won’t here as well. Alcohol/ drugs decrease the respiratory drive during sleep and can cause AMS.
  4. Keep camphor always close by, when you feel breathless just breathe in the smell of camphor and it will help you feel less breathless.
  5. Though taking random unplanned trips sounds quite fun but never apply this for Leh-Ladakh. You need to carry adequate clothing, medical care, etc. As even small things like diarrhoea can be fatal in Leh-Ladakh.
  6. Many people think that they have travelled to a lot of high altitude places and therefore their body won’t need acclimatization. Trust me AMS can still knock you out. Take the first day like a relaxing day. Probably sleep all day/ watch Netflix.
  7. Don’t overexert yourself. Especially if you don’t regularly workout.
  8. Don’t overeat! Don’t eat less. 
  9. Keep covered clothing.

GOB Special Tip- Pack for all weather types 😛 “Kidding”, but do keep an umbrella or raincoat along with some warm clothing. And if you are travelling on bikes then you ought to carry a windcheater and wear sunscreen all the time


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